• GfK publishes study on European retail
    29 April 2014 - GfK completed a comprehensive analysis of the European retail scene and a prognosis for 2014.
  • GfK releases 2014 purchasing power for Austria and Switzerland
    2 April 2014 - Regionalized GfK purchasing power data for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • GfK prognosis for Germany's retail turnover in 2014
    24 March 2014 - GfK forecasts a slight overall increase in Germany's retail turnover for 2014. Online retail is entirely responsible for this growth, as stationary retail is predicted to fall for the first time.
  • GfK Demographics Germany 2013
    27 January 2014 - Singles account for forty percent of Germany's households.
  • GfK Purchasing Power Germany 2014
    4 December 2013 - The study "GfK Purchasing Power Germany 2014" shows that Germans nominally have around €586 more per-capita purchasing power at their disposal for expenditures in 2014 than in 2013.
  • GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines 2013
    21 November 2013 - Germans devote the largest share of their retail purchasing power to food items, home improvement and clothing. GfK's study of the 2013 regional purchasing power for retail product lines in Germany...
  • GfK Purchasing Power Europe, 2013/14
    4 November 2013 - The recently released study "GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2013/2014" reveals the regional distribution of consumers' purchasing power in 42 European countries.
  • GfK releases analysis and forecast for European retail
    18 April 2013 - GfK has carried out an analysis of Europe's retail scene on behalf of the European Shopping Centre Trust (ESCT).
  • GfK expects moderate rise in Germans’ 2013 purchasing power
    12 December 2012 - The ‘GfK Purchasing Power Germany 2013’ study shows that in 2013, Germans will have around €554 more per capita in nominal disposable income than in 2012...
  • Where in Europe do the wealthy live?
    30 October 2012 - The latest GfK Purchasing Power Europe study for 2012/2013 analyzes regional differences in consumers’ purchasing power across 42 European countries...
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